There are dozens of gods, but primarily there are five most commonly worshipped. Magic stems from them, even if their users aren’t aware of which god is gifting them these abilities.

Camazotz – God of Death and the Night, patron of vampires and warden of the night, Camazotz is the patron deity of the Red Hood guild, and the most common god worshipped in the city of Batholm. In addition to being a god of death, he also is a god of protection against it. Those who worship Camazotz are not tasked with injust execution, but rather with protection against needless loss of life.

Coalta – God of Fire and War, mother of dragons. Coalta is known as the hermit of the gods, keeping to herself atop her mountain range. She has a few sparse worshippers, most of whom are Dragonborn. Those who pray to Coalta are those most often seeking vengeance, or protection from those they have wronged.

Oretar – God of the Sea and Sailors, patron of hydras. Any who venture out to sea pray to him for protection, guidance, and a safe return home. Unlike the other gods, Oretar has no true form, often drawn as a crashing wave, as that is the closest thing mankind can attribute to him. Oretar is most of worshiped in coastal towns by fishermen.

Mynea – God of the Sun and Justice, mother of humanity. Those who choose to worship her seek to protect the weak and smite evil wherever it stands. Often considered the opposite of Camazotz, her followers are as numerous as her counterpart’s. Neither god believes that war can solve anything, but that has never stopped their followers.

Ebner – God of Time. Wherever one chooses to venture, Ebner is never far behind. Considered a constant active force in the world, Ebner’s name is infrequently said in prayer, but often said in curse. Everything ages and grows weaker, and it is by Ebner’s will that finality always approaches. Common curses include “Ebner take you” and “Ebner’s wrath.”


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